Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fields of Dreams

Lush fields and farmland surround the area in which I dwell. Just before and shortly after the harvest, the crops are at their utmost perfection.

Cornfields with stalks reaching over nine feet will soon be cut to satisfy the hunger of dairy cows and beef cattle throughout the winter.

Straw bales for bedding line up in the valleys, their gentle taupes and burnished hues reflected in the sunlight.

A lone sentry reaches several feet above the rest of the golden faces that droop heavy with seed. The sunflower field meets the horizon off in the distance against the bright blue sky.

Even the bees have come to enjoy the splendor and flight among the fields of dreams.

* Photos taken this past Saturday from the local area landscapes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hearts Aflutter

An antique textile appraiser such as myself, has been in a state of bliss over the last few weeks.

We are preparing for a deaccessioning auction for the Jordan Museum on Labor Day.

As one of the privileged personnel for the auctioneer Rick Rittenhouse I was able to view and inspect the treasures coming to the auction floor.

Besides wonderful furniture and primitive tools, it is the costumes, accessories and textiles that set my heart aflutter.There are Victorian and Edwardian garments; walking suits with leg o' mutton sleeves, ostrich feather fans, celluloid hair combs, heavily beaded blouses, punch paper samplers, woven coverlets...

But of all the history and beauty laid before me I would have to admit I fancy the May 1840 sampler wrought by Jane Baillie from Hamilton UC.(the UC stands for Upper Canada, long before this country became a nation)

Embroidered by a young Scottish lass (her family emigrated from Scotland to the Niagara Peninsula and appear in the 1851 census) on loosely woven homespun linen. It has the 'mystery mansion', a meandering floral border and peacocks guarding the door.

The colours are still rich and vibrant and the stitching lovely. Both are a testament to this girl's talent and a statement to this country's history.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Subtle Changes

The days on the calendar are passing by. Darkness lingers in the morning and arrives earlier at the end of each day.

The orchards are laden heavy with fruit. The pumpkins have swelled large from all the continuous rain and will begin to ripen, adopting their harvest hues.

Mother Nature will soon bring forth her paintbrush and express a change of palette. The birdsong will take on a different tune. The last of the geese shall have hatched and begun feasting for the fall migration.

We are half-way through this season we call summer and every day it yields subtle changes as it prepares for the next one that follows.

It is a perfect time to reflect on all that we are thankful for.

I will be away for a fortnight and upon my return revealing more reminiscence.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Secrets Within

With all the gorgeous weather that accompanies summertime, it is a perfect opportunity for early morning walks and evening strolls. I often find myself entranced by the gardens along the sidewalks and gazing at the beautiful historic homes that dwell in my little town.

As the dawn awakens and silence surrounds me (but for the pitter patter of my dog's little feet) I am captivated by the secrets within these lovingly restored houses.

Not for now or today but each ones' occupants from years gone by. The fires in the hearth, games in the parlour, the aroma of fresh baked bread cooling in the kitchen... ahhh yes my imagination does wander.

And even though time has passed into new centuries, the fundamentals of life have not.

We still cherish; family and friends, dreams and wishes, comforts and home...

Pictures taken by Jackie McShannon