Thursday, February 28, 2008


For years I have collected late 19th century autograph books. Little treasures filled with beautiful penmanship, prose, words of wisdom and love.

Each one reflecting the owner’s location, people in her life and the heartfelt passages that were shared among themselves.

I feel that way about my blog. Tidbits of my life told to those with something in common. Visiting with other bloggers to read and indulge in their passions, pictures, sorrows and dreams.

There are some I favor, others I find intriguing and a few are absolutely fantastic. Blogs have the ability to allow me to travel to places I only dreamed about. They give me the opportunity to share a kind word with someone that is sad, lonely, or heartbroken.

Blogging is like those small booklets that were passed around amongst friends and acquaintances so one could leave a few words, many years ago…

‘In the golden chain of friendship,
Reserve one link for me.'

May 24, 1882

Yours truly, Emily Spence

Thursday, February 21, 2008


For those of us living in the Northeast winter has yet to release her icy grasp. And though I love this season of falling snow and starlit nights where the moon reflects off the frosty fields below, I am beginning to hope for signs of spring. The chirping of a robin and snowdrops peeking out from their winter slumber, shall soon announce the seasons arrival.

In the meantime I will daydream of fairytale castles and rose laden gardens. I will entice my imagination to drift off to exotic lands, flower petal strewn paths or a beach along the seashore...

Is spring calling to you?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Enter At Your Own Risk

That should be the sign on the front porch as you enter this dazzling haven for beads. After you have passed through it's cheery front door you become transfixed by the goodies held within. This is part of the seduction of Serendipity Beads.

There are beads and baubles in every hue and color. Exotic ones from all over the world beckoning you to touch and envision their splendor.

I went in looking to pass some time and to find a particular one. I came out more than an hour later with a wee paper bag full and my head still in the clouds.

If you have such a place in your area, pay them a visit. You'll be so surprised by the delights hidden inside. And I'll bet my bottom dollar you can't come out with just one bead!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tokens of Love

I think of thee when soft and wide
The evening spreads her robes of light.
And like a young and timid bride
Sits blushing in the arms of night.
And when the moon's sweet crescent springs
It's light o'er heaven's deep waveless sea,
And stars are forth like blessed things,
I think of thee! I think of thee!

* Verse from the 1890's paper lace Valentine pictured below.

Happy Valentine's Day! May you celebrate with those you hold close in your heart.

* Photos - Vintage Valentines from my personal collection, cherub dressing table clock, early French ormolu locket casket.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


There is nothing more charming than images of childhood. I have always harbored a love of those depicting innocence. Be they actual photographs or artists' renditions, they are captivating.

Childhood, catching
our imagination when it
is fresh and tender,
never lets go of us.
- J.B. Priestly

My daughter 24 years ago.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Where The Heart Comes Home

Maybe it is because my ancestry dates back to the earlier centuries of this land, for I have always felt a kinship to Britain.

From the misty moors of Yorkshire to the port of Torquay, this island is deep in my heart and rich in my blood.

Places that once inspired the writings of Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Robert Burns and Daphne du Maurier fuel my longing to visit.

I have never been, perhaps some day. Until then I must be enriched by beautiful books, wonderful movies and the lovely posts of fellow bloggers.

And cottage-gardens
smelling everywhere,
Confused with smell
of orchards.

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Is there a place in your heart you've always felt akin to?