Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pieces of Art

'Tis mild, breezy and cloudy today, a perfect one for airing the quilts.

Escaping from their muslin slips they are free to flutter in the wind. The clouds protect them from the sunshine, which can be hindering to their health. The gentle gusts will fluff each one as they share their pastel colors, bringing smiles to passersby.

I call them pieces of art that warm the heart. Can spring be too far behind?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


With all the not so pleasant things that seem to emerge and infiltrate our daily well being it is comforting to know that one can withdraw and ponder life's simplicity.

The rising of the sun, shining of the moon, falling of a snowflake or raindrop, the scent of an open flower, birdsong in the garden, the holding of a hand... all these wondrous joys that surround us.

Where're you tread,
the blushing flow'rs
shall rise, And all
things flourish where
you turn your eyes.

- Alexander Pope

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Passion of the Doll

Over the years I have collected dolls. Growing up in the 50s and 60s I was witness to the evolution of Barbie. As a young girl I can remember a bubble cut red headed one I just adored.

When my great-grandfather passed away someone bought my great-grandmother Orphie a Thumbelina. She had always desired one but had never said so out of feeling silly to reveal such a secret to the man she had been married to for over sixty years. Well into her 80s she kept that passion until she passed away.

I know that many of you (male and female) had dolls in their childhoods that they fondly remember and in some cases still treasure. My brother (I hope he doesn't read this) had a Bunson Bernie Liddle Kiddle. He would race him around in a firetruck much to our amusement.

Now as an adult I still have that admiration for the doll. Of all the dollies in my care I would have to admit a special love for a large China dating from the 1860s. She was entrusted to me some years back by a sweet elderly lady that I had organized an auction for. Throughout the several weeks of sorting and wonderful conversations we discovered we had an ancestor by marriage in common.

After the auction was completed and she was preparing for her move into a seniors home she presented the doll to me.

This gift represents many things; a connection to the past, shared friendship and a passion for the doll.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Humor of Housework

If there is anything I dislike it's housework. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, bake, I even do my own canning, all the basics for survival.

Somehow I've just never developed a fondness for domestic duties. With all of the high tech gadgets out there why hasn't someone invented a houseworker.

You know, one that sweeps, dusts, does the dishes (yes, even a dishwasher has to be loaded and unloaded), laundry, the list is endless. Thank goodness I live in a region with a winter season; that's 4 months I can ignore the windows!

In the milder weather I can escape to my garden to putter amongst the flowers. Or meander to the front porch indulging in some sewing I enjoy.

Housework cuts into my blogging time, creativity (although I guess I could daydream ideas while I'm scrubbing the toilet) and other things I would rather be doing.

Well now that I've spoken my mind, I must go. I have a date with the vacuum cleaner!

Please note any of you who employ a maid, disregard the above post.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


With all of Corey's (Tongue In Cheek) talk about matchmaking it has led me to wonder about Cupid and our obsession with him down through the centuries.

Cupid was the son of Venus (the Roman Goddess of Love). He is often depicted as a beautiful, capricious child with wings and a quiver full of arrows or a torch to inflame love.

The early French painters (Fragonard shown above) often included this fascinating creature.

He is portrayed onto plates, jewelry caskets, even fabric.

Perhaps that is why we are so enamored by this little fellow. Cupid dances across our field of vision throughout our daily lives reminding us that love is everywhere!

Friday, January 4, 2008


We have a day of celebration and recognition for our mothers, fathers, grandparents, secretaries... I think we should have a special day for our beloved doggies.

Big, small, homely or cute, their devotion and enjoyment is almost without equal.

So let's celebrate and dedicate a Happy Doggie Day to all our delightful dogs.