Thursday, January 24, 2008


With all the not so pleasant things that seem to emerge and infiltrate our daily well being it is comforting to know that one can withdraw and ponder life's simplicity.

The rising of the sun, shining of the moon, falling of a snowflake or raindrop, the scent of an open flower, birdsong in the garden, the holding of a hand... all these wondrous joys that surround us.

Where're you tread,
the blushing flow'rs
shall rise, And all
things flourish where
you turn your eyes.

- Alexander Pope


Sea Angels said...

Hello Susan, yes they are pure, lovely and absolute joys. A true and beautiful quote.
Hugs Lynn xx

Suzanne said...

Beautiful post Susan..yes, these constants do keep us centered, don't they?

Sherry said...

Oh yes Susan -- so true. The photograph is breathtaking...and it seems to me I know that quote -- from a song I sang at Massey Hall way back when in a city wide school choir.

Lea said...

Thank you dear Miss Maddie for these fluttering of wings to settle the heart into the beat of beauty, found in the breath of the moment...

Lana said...

Oh Susan ~ so short and sweet and simple, but so meaningful. What a lovely post. Thank you ~*~

rochambeau said...

Thank you for this Miss Maddie! It is so true! To recenter on the smallest miricles is to enjoy life to it's fullest. Just not to feel pain, to breathe easily, to be able to walk, and have the money for food. These plus friends are the simple things which make us rich!!

Happy weekend to you m'dear!

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Susan,
I enjoyed your post today, I need to see and hear, so very true are these words....We must think on what is lovely and pure.........Pinkie Denise

Miss Sandy said...

The picture on your post was an absolute breath of fresh air! I am craving color right now! My days are filled with gray - gray skies, gray scenery, which is leading to a gray mood. Thanks for the lift!

Christine LeFever said...

'Tis the gift to be simple..., as the Shaker's sang, and you have reminded us yet again that it is so true.

Very pretty picture~


Donna O'Brien said...

From one simple girl to another (okay, that's a stretch) I agree. Especially the holding of a hand. Simply the best.

Jeanne said...

How beautiful your journal is
Love Jeanne