Monday, January 14, 2008

The Humor of Housework

If there is anything I dislike it's housework. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, bake, I even do my own canning, all the basics for survival.

Somehow I've just never developed a fondness for domestic duties. With all of the high tech gadgets out there why hasn't someone invented a houseworker.

You know, one that sweeps, dusts, does the dishes (yes, even a dishwasher has to be loaded and unloaded), laundry, the list is endless. Thank goodness I live in a region with a winter season; that's 4 months I can ignore the windows!

In the milder weather I can escape to my garden to putter amongst the flowers. Or meander to the front porch indulging in some sewing I enjoy.

Housework cuts into my blogging time, creativity (although I guess I could daydream ideas while I'm scrubbing the toilet) and other things I would rather be doing.

Well now that I've spoken my mind, I must go. I have a date with the vacuum cleaner!

Please note any of you who employ a maid, disregard the above post.


Lana said...

This is a funny post Susan, but so true for me too!

Hope you're staying warm & cozy this winter ~ oh wait, are you carrying in your own firewood?

Pinkie Denise said...

I do not like to clean, when I worked
I had to have a housekeeper, or go over the edge, she would help vacumn,
sweep mop and clean the bathroom. Once I was having a tea party and had
someone help me dust my nick nacks, five hours later, never again! I do big cleaning several times a year like you said the windows, washing nick nacks for sanity its impossible...Creating is much more
fun I agree, loved this post, have
you been spying on me Miss Maddie?
lol! Pinkie Denise

Donna O'Brien said...

I wore a French maid outfit while seting up the dominos : )

Suzanne said...

Lol Susan, it does seem that the appliances invented to help with housework are just "more work"!
Please stop by my blog when you have a moment...I'm having my 100th post give away!

Doreen said...

I actually don't mind housework...crazy I know...but I have to have my house cozy and clean or I can't relax.

What kind of weather are you having? It's very snowy here with more on the way Friday...This morning it's beautiful...frosted trees and the sun is shining.

Great post and I love the cupid's just beautiful.


Sherry said...

Susan, this is tongue in cheek yes, but wouldn't it be WONDERFUL if there was such a thing as a houseworker?!?! It would be BLISS!!!

Britt-Arnhild said...

I have learned from a friend to change the work house work till house fun. It helps :-)

rochambeau said...

Oh Miss Maddie,
I'm in the same predicament! I don't mind keeping things in order, BUT the only thing that can make me clean is if I think someone is coming over!!
It will shame me into cleaning and QUICK! My condolences, yet you must console me tomorrow!


Miss Sandy said...

AMEN! Housework does cut in on our fun time doesn't it? But, it is a necessary evil! I try to have an attitude of service about cleaning but often I just have an attitude about it!
Miss Sandy

Sea Angels said...

Whats house work......I have completley given up on it....things have a nice 'Miss Haversham' look in my home now and the more cloudy the windows get.....the more authentic it looks....the neigbours give me strange looks, but it takes time and practise to perfect this look, but I am still working on it.
Hugs Susan

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

ARGH! Blogger does not wanna accept my comments today! Anyway, we are kindred spirits! I'd SO rather be playing in the park with my family or playing my mountain dulcimer or reading or crocheting! and methinks I've got a little of the fiddler from the "Arkansas Traveller" in me....

About those doll memories... My parents divorced and remarried, and I am the only child from the orginal marriage. This leaves me in a peculiar place for handed down memories... My Grandmother (step side) had Raggedy Ann dolls that were very special to me~my sister has them. I hope to crochet some of my own to become heirlooms in our family....

btw, I gave your blog an Excellent Award! (((((HUGS))))) sandi