Friday, February 27, 2009


M'lady has read poetry in the drawing room...

She has tiptoed along the path that led to the secret garden...

M'lady has meandered down the lane, fallen leaves rustling beneath her skirts...

She has strolled in the moonlight...

M'lady's breath has lingered in the cold, frosty air as she glanced upon the winter wonderland before her...

And M'lady has gazed out across the sea waiting for her beloved...

You see M'lady is a vision in my imagination brought to life by the creativity of my daughter, Jackie. For this I am eternally grateful (plus she still owes me for college tuition).

So if you're longing for a fresh new look inspired by the coming of spring (or fall depending on which side of the equator you live) you may contact her at

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Play

Mother Nature presents seasons like acts in a play. Occasionally drawing the curtain ever so slightly to yield a glimpse of what is yet to come...

Below the stage sits the orchestra, instruments ready tuning and practicing softly... preparing for the accompaniment .The old season may linger not yet mellowed to share the stage with Spring.But she has a predilection to dominate the performance and will not remain in seclusion much longer.

And so with the melting of the snow, the drawing of the curtain one can observe little green shoots of the snowdrops peeking out from the cold, dark earth. The birdsong, the orchestra takes on a more alluring pitch... eventually filling the garden with its symphony. The sun will shine brightly casting down its warmth.Nest building is waiting in the wings complimenting the performance.

Soon spring will surround us and we'll be shrouded in her beauty once more...

* Pics from inside the Niagara Parkway conservatory taken this past weekend by my daughter.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Terms of Affection

Some believe that love letters are an exchange of words written between lovers, filled with passion and rapture.

But the bond of love goes far beyond that... there are notes that speak of forever, faithfully, affectionately, ever yours, that loves you, with love and a kiss...

Most of these terms of endearment I have discovered concluding letters written in the late 1800's. They are shared between mother and daughter, sisters, brother and sister, even close friends.

The group tied with a silk ribbon shown above date from the 1880's and are touching as they demonstrate the love bequeathed from a married sister(Nellie b. 1859) to her younger bother(Lester b. 1866) These faded pages share the final months of her life before she succumbs to consumption. He has moved west in search of work and she misses him dearly.

In her last note dated Oct.4, 1887 she writes:

Dear Lester I hate to be the means of disturbing your plans, you have long wanted to go west and you probably have plans in your mind that you would like to carry out but I know you want to see me for I know you love me and it seems as though I couldn't die without seeing you but then the thought comes I may live many years yet and can't tell.

I can go through a good deal but I suppose the time will come sometime that I can't. May God bless you and keep you in good health and bring you safe home.
Ever your sister that loves you

Nellie died the following spring April 6, 1888.
Aged 28 years, 7mos. 22 days
Her brother Lester cherished these letters for the rest of his life and when his grand-daughter passed away they came into my possession.
More than 120 years after they were written their terms of affection are steadfast today.

Friday, February 6, 2009


As I meander through the pages written in journals from someone's life of long ago, I discover there are unwavering bonds that link us from the past to the present.

Love, family, home and health are the constants that transcend generations.

As we struggle through tighter budgets and tough economic times remember these enduring and unchanging values will consummate our survival.

Happy Valentine's Day