Monday, June 30, 2008

Sentimental Journeys

Whether it is the time of year or the season in my life I feel a satisfying fulfillment indulging in sentimental journeys.

I’m not referring to the passion I have for antiques from centuries gone by, but to the fond memories of childhood. The good olde days of years long past.

I buy my organic milk in glass bottles that I walk to purchase from the neighbourhood health food store. The empties are redeemed for chocolate milk (that is to die for) and non-homogenized where the cream clots and floats to the top (When I was a child it was called cream-top and my mother would scoop it off and pour it on our oatmeal.) It works wonders in a cup of organic free –trade coffee.

I find pleasure in planting seeds and watching them grow into luscious ripe tomatoes, later to be made into thick chunky sauce. Just like the little patch, long ago outside my grandfather’s kitchen door, the fruits that the garden yields still amaze me.

Eating ice cream, riding the Merry-go-round, or weaving daisy chains, are all simple past times that cost little and bring the greatest pleasure.

So you’ll forgive me as I seek out a shady spot in the hammock, a rocker on the porch, or stroll along the boardwalk at the lake and spend the next little while enjoying this season we call summer and embarking on my sentimental journeys.

Will you share your journeys too?

Monday, June 23, 2008


For anyone that has ever lost a pet, the following is a tribute to the dedication between an animal and the family in which it dwells.

This past week I witnessed the passing of a very dear friend. For eighteen years he was a constant companion.

Appearing one day at the doorstep as a stray kitten he soon made himself at home. After locating his rightful owner and discovering he was not wanted, it was here he stayed. He was a little scruffy, few whiskers but a beautiful rich, red fur coat made him a hit with the female cats already in residence.

We named him Addison O'Malley. (Addison was the son of Adam meaning red earth and he suited it perfectly.)

Addison was part Maine Coon and he often chirped as he carried on a conversation. Blessed with a lush, thick tail he would sway it to and fro as he stalked the birds in the garden. He grew to be a big cat, 20+ lbs. in his prime and walked on a harness and leash.

I will miss him terribly as will his two Siamese sisters.

Here's to you Addie and the life you shared and the hearts you filled. May you spend eternity chasing that ever elusive bird.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Roses

First I would like to thank all of you that participated in my little celebration. The two paper names pulled from the dainty pillowslip are:
1) Lori
2) Doreen

'Tis that season of the rose. They linger amongst the ivy and peak out from between the vines. Each one chosen for its old rose scent and dainty flowers. Their beauty is adored.

In this garden there is no use of pesticides so everything is as Nature intends. And for that reason the roses are not only to pacify a love that endures and is timeless, but each delicate petal can be harvested for another purpose.

The rose petals may be scattered down the aisle of a church so the timid bride can tiptoe upon them as she makes her way to her beloved, dreaming of the future that lies ahead.

They can float in a tepid bath where one can languish for a time encircled by their scent.

But my favourite is the organic rose petal jelly I made this very morning. Its subtle flavour adds a touch of summer to all that it accompanies.

If you would like the recipe feel free to email and I'll be more than happy to share. In the meantime, I have a fresh croissant just waiting for that special jelly so pink on its folds and fragrance with every bite.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Celebration In The Month Of June

'Tis but a year since I ventured into the Land of Blog.

So in light of the new friends I've met, the Balls, and Soiree I've attended, I'm celebrating with a giveaway.

I would like to bestow a delicate, antique infant gown upon the participant whose name will be selected. A second name shall be chosen to recieve a packet of vintage lace snippets and tibits of trim. Perfect for prim and doll creating.

Please leave a comment or for those without a blog feel free to email. When the 15th arrives I shall place all the names into a battenburg lace pillowslip (most appropriate for a textile appraiser's draw) and select the winners.

Thankyou for making this past year so enjoyable!

Please note - The gown is for display purposes only.Being of 100 years in age it is not without tiny imperfections. I call them beauty marks.