Monday, June 30, 2008

Sentimental Journeys

Whether it is the time of year or the season in my life I feel a satisfying fulfillment indulging in sentimental journeys.

I’m not referring to the passion I have for antiques from centuries gone by, but to the fond memories of childhood. The good olde days of years long past.

I buy my organic milk in glass bottles that I walk to purchase from the neighbourhood health food store. The empties are redeemed for chocolate milk (that is to die for) and non-homogenized where the cream clots and floats to the top (When I was a child it was called cream-top and my mother would scoop it off and pour it on our oatmeal.) It works wonders in a cup of organic free –trade coffee.

I find pleasure in planting seeds and watching them grow into luscious ripe tomatoes, later to be made into thick chunky sauce. Just like the little patch, long ago outside my grandfather’s kitchen door, the fruits that the garden yields still amaze me.

Eating ice cream, riding the Merry-go-round, or weaving daisy chains, are all simple past times that cost little and bring the greatest pleasure.

So you’ll forgive me as I seek out a shady spot in the hammock, a rocker on the porch, or stroll along the boardwalk at the lake and spend the next little while enjoying this season we call summer and embarking on my sentimental journeys.

Will you share your journeys too?


Christine LeFever said...

A serene and beautiful post, Miss Maddie.

The sleeping "baby" kitties, and the fresh milk, the soft and beautiful hammock. Oh my but you have summer down in such a dreamy way.

Christine (Zwee!!!!!!!!)

Doreen said...

By all means my dear Susan, meander on your sentimental journey and do enjoy these lazy days of Summer. I feel the very same way you do lately. I have been very sentimental, remembering when my children were young and my own simple childhood with long slow days of bike riding with friends, picking fresh vegtables and berries from the garden and taking a nice cool dip in the river.

Lately I have had such a wonderful sense of peace. I've just been so relaxed and enjoying all that life offers. Quiet evenings on the front porch are high on the list here along with spending time with family and friends. My son graduated High School this past weekend and we are having a party for him this coming Saturday. I am looking so forward to having everyone here for some wonderful food and good times.

Hugs to you.


Anonymous said...

Mistfully I remember hand cranked ice-cream, cold watermellon, and my grandmothers grilled chicken. Running outside barefoot, sleeping on our porch outside in the summer when it was hot and making dandelion bracelets. Exploring fields and woods wading in cool streams and fishing for fish under a bridge. I'm glad you have returned to your post and I hope you are feeling some better about Addison.


BumbleVee said...

What an absolutely beautiful hammock! .... such a shame that they look like they should be sooooo much more comfortable than they actually are.

when we were was just called cream and it was on the top few inches of our glass bottles of milk. In the winter... if it was outside for very long it froze and pushed up right out of the top of the bottle.. with the little cardboard lid perched on top of what looked like an ice cream cone.

Suzanne said...

What sweet memories Susan. I recall trying to catch fireflies in a jar on a warm summer evenings.

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Susan,
Oh, the lazy days of summer...What a beautiful place to read a book. I grew up on a dairy and remember taking a silver pitcher to the barn to bring the milk to the house. We would make butter and ice cream with the cream sometimes. So many good memories yes indeed...Thank you for sharing yours on the beautiful summer
day Pinkie Denise

Donna O'Brien said...

Scoot over on and we'll share a quick glas of milk (cocolate of course) before I go.
MJD (Mrs. you know who)

Donna O'Brien said...

Let's try that one more time....
Scoot over on the hammock and we'll share a glass of milk (chocolare, of course) before I go.
MJD (Mrs. you know who)

Donna O'Brien said...

Oh forget it- I typed it wrong again. See?? I told you I need a break. LOL

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Glad you liked the "Mon Chiffon Livre". I love it, of course. And I do love the imperfections and the simplicity of it. Just like the antique textiles you look for, some faded over time from use, some threads loose or as you said one piece turned the wrong way. All of those things add to the beauty of it.


Fete et Fleur said...

This is beautiful. I need to come and take a rest on that beautiful hammock!


Lea said...

Empty roads and quiet mornings... the sounds from the owls in the oak tree outside my bedroom window... the way my horse smelled as I lay down on his back and let him carry me... my grandmother's hugs and her voice... shopping with my dad... the special holiday lunches my mom would make... braiding my long hair... collecting rocks as if they were gold...

Thank you Miss Maddie for bringing these sentimental journey's back to life... XO

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Susan! Your hammock looks so inviting. The perfect place to spend a lazy summer afternoon with a good book or some dear memories. Enjoyed your beautiful post. Have a blessed week! ~ xo ~ Joy

Sherry said...

Susan, you have woven a beautiful tapestry of childhood I read with passion and more than one smile..I could feel my heart sighing with pleasure -- to remember those simply days gone by...your hammock looks so inviting and that pillow is a dream of it's own!

Naturegirl said...

That hammock is an art piece! Such a shame to lay on it but if I were there I would! :)
I also purchase milk in glass bottles. A lovley post!

Anonymous said...

I remember the treat of "top of the milk" on my Saturday morning cornflakes and the contraptions people invented to stop the blackbirds pecking through the foil while the milk was on the doorstep. Seems like another world - like my grandfather remembering Queen Victoria's funeral!