Monday, June 16, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Roses

First I would like to thank all of you that participated in my little celebration. The two paper names pulled from the dainty pillowslip are:
1) Lori
2) Doreen

'Tis that season of the rose. They linger amongst the ivy and peak out from between the vines. Each one chosen for its old rose scent and dainty flowers. Their beauty is adored.

In this garden there is no use of pesticides so everything is as Nature intends. And for that reason the roses are not only to pacify a love that endures and is timeless, but each delicate petal can be harvested for another purpose.

The rose petals may be scattered down the aisle of a church so the timid bride can tiptoe upon them as she makes her way to her beloved, dreaming of the future that lies ahead.

They can float in a tepid bath where one can languish for a time encircled by their scent.

But my favourite is the organic rose petal jelly I made this very morning. Its subtle flavour adds a touch of summer to all that it accompanies.

If you would like the recipe feel free to email and I'll be more than happy to share. In the meantime, I have a fresh croissant just waiting for that special jelly so pink on its folds and fragrance with every bite.


Lori said...

oh my!!! you have made me very happy this morning:) thank you SO much Susan and please give the dainty pillowslip a hug for me!!!
the rose petal jelly sounds delicious...and your roses are quite lovely...i don't have much luck with roses except the tiny small tea mother was at a dinner once where the hostess served home made rose ice cream, have you ever tried that?

Suzanne said...

*Sniff* The roses are lovely...ours are in bloom and the fragrance is wonderful! Thanks for checking in this morning. I've just been busy preparing for my trip.Congratulations to Lori and Doreen!

Britt-Arnhild said...

It is the end of the peony season and roses are now everywhere in blog land. These are lovely.

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Congrat's to the lucky winners! Your rose pictures are so beautiful I can almost smell their sweet fragrance through the computer screen! I love love love roses and rose scented products. On our recent vacation, I did not like the soap in the B&B so I found a little store that offered handmade goats milk soap and I bought the rose scented bar. It was heaven!!! I'd love your rose jelly recipe too. Have a wonderful week! xoxo ~ Joy

Miss Sandy said...

Mmmm, dining on rose petals sounds delightful! Congrats to the winners!

Doreen said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so thrilled Susan...I've never won anything!!!! I can not wait to receive my lovely tidbits :)

Your roses look wonderful. I've always wanted to grow roses and never have...each year I tell Mark that I would like to start growing them...but we have yet to do it. I would love to have your recipe for the wild rose are making my mouth water with the thought of it with a croissant!!! I shall email you for the recipe.

Thank you so much for having your lovely giveaway. I'm so happy to have won.

Hugs, Doreen

Lea said...

The rose pictures, oh so lovely Miss Maddie!!! The scent fills my memory as does the rose petal jelly... my mom used to make her own rose jelly and I loved those breakfasts... I can taste them even now!

Yeah to your winners!!!

somepinkflowers said...

rose petal jelly?


love that!
once i had rose petal ice cream
at harrod's.

thought i had died
and gone
to taste-treat heaven.

Heather said...

Those roses are gorgeous, Oh my! And I had no idea you could make rosepetal jelly....sounds delish!

Naturegirl said...

Miss Maddie this was the most delicious rose post that I have ever seen! I shall be emailing you for a recipe and perhaps we'll meet as I am not too far from you! a neighbor down the road NG

Sherry/Cherie said...

The roses are divine -- mine are just about to open -- I can't wait!

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Susan,
What beautiful pink roses! I was hoping you picked my name out of that
little pillow slip. So, lucky the ladies who won, I am sure they will enjoy them. I have never heard of rose jelly? I will have to give it a try. Could you email me the recipe? Thank you so much for sharing Pinkie Denise

Kari & Kijsa said...

beautiful photos!!

kari & kijsa

Christine LeFever said...

Beauty itself, your roses and I'm certain your jelly too!

Another rose tip: The rosary was originally made from rose petals that were pounded into a paste, and then while devotees fingered the beads as they prayed the rosary, the scent was to ascend to the heavens for Mary to enjoy.

I, personally, prefer to wear a rose bead necklace. But who will make it?

Christine (Zwee!!!!!!)

Donna O'Brien said...

That second photo is gorgeous! What's the foliage behind it? And I have never heard of rose petal jelly. That just puts me in a jam!
I was going to say pickle but...

dewi said...

Hi, my name is Rose Marie, once I ate rose cookies at my friend's house and can't get over the marvelous taste till now. She bought the cookies in singapore. May you kindly share the rose jelly recipe with me ?
I'm sorry for my not so fluent english.
Have a good day, may God richly bless your life. xoxo

Rose Marie

ps : my email is