Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Halloween

I’m a little early with my posting as I have to leave shortly. It’s a long way on my broom to the ball on Bloglandia Hill!

I’ve decided to leave my witch’s hat behind and wear this little creation instead. It is my Miss Maddie’s ‘Bats in the Belfry’ crown.

I hope you find it appropriate. See you there!

Ghouls just want to have fun!!!

Please click on each image to see all the details.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Journey of Nellie Part II

First I must apologize for taking so long to continue with the story of Nellie. Sometimes life gets in the way. Between the auction I was preparing for and my mother's recent fall, things have been very hectic around here. You will have to go back into my older posts to find part I for those who are not familiar with the beginning of this tale or need to be refreshed.

...The little diary lay on the desk that evening. Something called to me and I took it to read in soft glowing light beside the bed.

What started as a passion soon became an obsession. Nellie had written an entry for each day of 1883 that encircled her life. The weather, family, friends, how she made extra money, going to church and especially her younger brother.

Nellie even tucked a small slip of paper between the back cover. It was a list of names that would help me solve this puzzle for which she had given some of the pieces.

My research began. Nellie C. Fitts was born Eleanor Carrie Wilbur on August 15th, 1859 in North Leveritt, Massachusetts. She was the only daughter with three brothers. Luther, Julius and the youngest, Lester (six years her junior), born to Alvah and Trypthosa Gardner Wilbur. Her family drifted back and forth between Massachusetts and Vermont during her early life.

Sometime before 1883 she married Frederick Fitts who was born in Wardsboro, Vermont. They lived in rural Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. She picked strawberries, raised chickens (sold the eggs), sewed garments and the journal even mentions the red wool flannel she bought (for the quilt I had admired at May's auction).

The treasured book also gave insight into the things that would happen in her life several years ahead.

I was so entranced by Nellie's life I had to go to Shrewsbury to see for myself and discover any additional information I could find. To be continued...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Lovely Lonely Lid

As you wander through the aisles of a flea market, browse the booths of an antique show, check out the white elephant table at a church bazaar or linger over a display at an auction, have you ever noticed something I chanced upon several years ago.

Orphaned lids; from vegetable dishes, trinket boxes, sugar bowls and even Victorian commodes. Some glass, most china or porcelain with beautiful stenciling, lustre glazes or delicate hand painting they call to me. Being sentimental to anything lost or abandoned I find these lids most attractive. I have accumulated a small collection and are always on the lookout for another.

So next time you're meandering about at a show or shop, take a second look at the lonely lid lying amongst the trinkets. You may even be persuaded to take one home!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Testing the Water

Like the passing of the seasons, turning of the leaves and the setting back of the clocks, life is full of changes.

After much contemplation I have decided to close my website MissMaddies.com. Over the last few months I have found that my blog is much better suited for my change of format and after testing the water it fits the new ventures I'd like to try.

First, I would like to thank all the visitors to the site over these past 10 years and my greatest appreciation to my customers. I sold the last of the antique infant dresses (from a wonderful collection I was able to purchase) to a lovely lady in California this past week.

I would also like to give my sincerest thanks to my daughter, Jackie, the professional designer of the site. She is available at 'It's An Illusion Design' to anyone needing a website or blog.

So now you can find me right here at www.missmaddiesblog.com. Miss Maddie's hasn't really gone anywhere, she's just grown up a bit. Now back to designing my costume for the Bloglandia Halloween Bash. See you there!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Come One Come All

Friday, October 12, 2007

In The Blink of An Eye

Last Saturday my 74-year-old mother fell and fractured her hip and wrist. Her life has now been greatly altered.

Early Sunday morning the orthopedic surgeon put pins in her hip and reset the wrist while she was in the operating room. I was there at her bedside when she was brought back from recovery.

Even through the pain and grogginess of the surgery mom managed to smile. There in bed lie the woman who had raised four children. She was there for me through the loss of a child, cancer, and a severe infection that my daughter had survived. Mom always has words of encouragement and an outstretched hand of affection. Now my sister, brothers and father were there to comfort her and help throughout the long recovery.

I'd like you to take a moment and reflect on the goodness of life, how important family and friends are and make sure you let them know how much you love them. Sometimes things can change in the blink of an eye!

On a brighter note, I promised to share some pics from the upcoming auction. (7 days from now). Beautiful, sparkly glass.

Monday, October 8, 2007

To All My Canadian Friends

Happy Thanksgiving