Sunday, October 21, 2007

Testing the Water

Like the passing of the seasons, turning of the leaves and the setting back of the clocks, life is full of changes.

After much contemplation I have decided to close my website Over the last few months I have found that my blog is much better suited for my change of format and after testing the water it fits the new ventures I'd like to try.

First, I would like to thank all the visitors to the site over these past 10 years and my greatest appreciation to my customers. I sold the last of the antique infant dresses (from a wonderful collection I was able to purchase) to a lovely lady in California this past week.

I would also like to give my sincerest thanks to my daughter, Jackie, the professional designer of the site. She is available at 'It's An Illusion Design' to anyone needing a website or blog.

So now you can find me right here at Miss Maddie's hasn't really gone anywhere, she's just grown up a bit. Now back to designing my costume for the Bloglandia Halloween Bash. See you there!!


Stacey said...

It seems to be the season for change for more than just me! Cheers to changes big and small! I for one am glad to have found you in Blogonia!

Pinkie Denise said...

Miss Maddie,
sometimes change is good, coming to a
decision is hard. I too am in a transition. I am so glad I found you
though. It has been so nice getting
to know you in this big blogging world, there are just a few that I feel like I have truly connected with
and you are a kindred spirit! The first step seems like a big one I am
sure whatever you put your loving hands to will be suceed. Pinkie Denise

Donna O'Brien said...

Good call! I did the same thing last spring. And no need to test the waters- you alreday jumped in with both feet!!!

Dorian Fletcher said...

I'm amazed that blogs can be so versatile...and fairly easy to create! You don't have to be a web mistress to get things up and running. Eventually, I'd like to be able to sell things from my blog as well. With all of the wonderful creative spirits out there, it does give one the impetus to take the chance.

Lana said...

Congratulations on the change Susan! Our local high school has a sign that reads: change is positive. I'm sure you will find that is true for your change as well. Your background and banner on your blog is beautiful. I enjoy visiting each time I pass by and always enjoy your visits to my blog.

Suzanne said...

Susan, you have a truly lovely blog and it is always a treat to visit. Congratulations on your decision!

Jen - Earth Angels said...

congrats on the switch -- good to catch up in blogland - so sorry I missed your call today - we had guests in from Germany - they too will be back for the Feb event if the weather cooperates! All the ebst! and will watch your blog for sure...
xxoo JEn

Holly Woods said...

Hello miss Maddie,
I was touched so deeply by the comment you left for sandra.
I am just starting my blog and I hope that I get to meet you.
My blue eyed cat says hello to your blue eyed chat:)

Anonymous said...

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