Monday, July 7, 2008

An Ever Changing Garden

Just like the season itself, the garden evolves over the summer.

The old crabapple tree that was once laden heavy with blossoms now stands as a silent sentry, shading the hostas and bird bath beneath. The early morning sun reflecting off its silvery bark, it waits as the tiny crabapples mature into fruit.

One section of the garden has bright orange day lilies and pink hollyhocks that grow with wild abandon. Drought hardy they reach towards the hot sun waving in the ever so subtle breeze. Members of a true cottage garden they seed themselves every year.

A clematis whose tiny, down facing flowers look like Chinese lanterns, reaching 15 feet along its trellis. It's delicate flowers turn to seed later in the season, supplying tidbits of nourishment to the sparrows that spend the winter.

The potted begonias with their saucer size blooms are near perfection. Deep hues painted on delicate petals lure the butterflies to visit.

The wonderful thing about the garden is tomorrow when I visit it will have changed again, offering more visual feasts, delicate scents, and heart warming sounds.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your garden looks absolutely wonderful! I love your Hollyhocks.:)
Hope you have a happy week enjoying the garden.
xo Lidy

BumbleVee said...

The cats appear to be enjoying the peace of the garden ...and the warmth of the sunlight.

My clematis is doing nothing this year...I think the peony in front of the base of it has become too large and is creating more shade than a clematis likes.... my peony blossoms are huge this year... check out my pics if you'd like to see them... they lasted a full 3 days and counting when I brought some inside to enjoy....

Tres Belle said...

What a beautiful garden. At first I thought it was pictures out of a magazine. I especially like the begonias. They are huge!! Enjoy your garden. Is it hot there? We've had no rain for two weeks and no prospects for at least another week or two. The daily watering isn't as good for the plants as a good rain. Your garden looks so lush.


softinthehead said...

I love strolling through your garden visually, such peace and tranquility. My father had quite a green thumb and when I was growing up he use to tell me, while he turned the soil, that with every seed you plant a small bit of your soul takes root along with it so that eventually you are one with earth. I honestly believe he is right....I am at my best when planting a garden and/or nurturing a garden! Pam

rochambeau said...

Your garden is splendid Miss Maddie, I've never seen yellow climatis before. Only purple.

Out of all your photos, I like seeing your cats watching the garden grow. What a great show for them!!
Have a great day!

Your banner looks great. Mysterious too!

Sea Angels said...

Your garden looks simply beautiful, I can smell the roses with their early morning freshness, it is scrummy. I am fine thankyou, but having a break..yet wishing with all of my heart for more sunny and warmer days. I know I am at work but I so miss the warm late evenings...but we just seem to have rain!. I adore your new banner, can you just imagine living in a house like that, I would so like to be able to explore one that was unrenovated with all of its original bits and pieces and drift around the rooms like a ghost. I hope you are going somwhere nice for your summer holiday, if not what could be better than spending it in your fabulous garden.
Hugs, lots of them
Lynn xx

Sherry said...

Susan, I was just thinking about this when I was in my garden much it changes from spring to being "in" it feels so different between the two seasons. My deep purple hollyhock is in full glory right now and all my other perennials have just taken over -- it's amazing and I just love being amid the colour, scent and glory!! Your garden is a beautiful respite!

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Susan,
I enjoyed your garden tour. I have Hollyhocks too. I think they are one of my favorites beside Roses of course. We do not have Begonias here it is too warm. Yours look amazing! Take care and I will miss your visits
until we meet again...XOXOXO Pinkie

Kate I said...

Hello Miss Maddie, thanks for wandering through my lavender garden this's a pleasure to share garden treasures with you!

Your beautiful garden is delightful and such a pleasure to visit. Your hollyhocks reminded me that sadly, mine just didn't show up this year. You've created such a lovely oasis in a beautiful part of Canada.

Naturegirl said...

A beautiful garden to relax restore and imagine!

Christine LeFever said...

An ever beautiful garden and post.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

You have a lovely and tranquil garden Susan. I love hollyhocks, yours are such a soft, subtle color.

Heather said...

What a beaitufl garden you magical!