Thursday, September 27, 2007

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

As usual I have arrived too late for the ball. Other commitments had beckoned.

May I present to you my Bloglandia gown. It is a combination of old and new. I have a treasure trove of goodies to work with so this was lots of fun. Antique white Broderie Anglaise was used for the petticoat, which is faintly visible under the billowing skirt of copper tulle. The bodice is draped tulle with a dangling beaded front. A black Edwardian lace over-shirt tops the tulle. Vintage ribboned trim gives a bustle effect at the back. The color scheme was influenced by hand dyed silk cocoon thread from a friend in England. To me the shades are the epitome of autumn.
Thanks eb for the inspiration to create. My carriage awaits!


carole said...

Oh Susan:
Can't you see Scoundrel & Rogue standing behind the Mulberry tree trying to get your attention. They gave Donna (Queen of Crowns) a lift home and came back to make sure any ladies were not without a livery at their disposal : )
You gave suggestions for them to keep busy last night and indeed they were. They shared stogies with Jack : ) Please enjoin them to sure you are safely home

Lea said...

Oh it is never too late in bloglandia!!! I am so glad you presented your beautiful gown for us to see in all its glory!!! So come with me Miss Maddie for in our imaginations we can recreated and create and dance the September Full moon any time we fancy!!! So... shall we dance?!!!!

Dorian Fletcher said...

This is a vision, Susan. I, too, was a day late and didn't even do a dress - my offering was a slipper!

Donna O'Brien said...

My dance card still has room!!Let's get shakin'.

eb said...

oh Miss Maddie!

THIS IS DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!

and where were you hiding?

you know they are still dancing...

will you dance with me?

xox - eb.

Stacey said...

Exquisite! all the way thru~ from color scheme to execution! Such wonderful treasures to show off a rare and beautiful Bloglandia gown! I can hear the music play and want to dance!

eb said...

oh look I found you - with clues to a missing purse and there with your dance card ready to tango...

let's kick up our heels!!!!!!!

xox - eb.

Leslie said...

Such a beautiful gown, and like Lea said, it is never too late here. We're just happy you arrived!

Stephanie said... happy to see you have joined the dance!!

may I have one??

Pinkie Denise said...

I am so glad your coach arrived. Your
gown is splendid, yes, I can see that
embroidery peeking through that skirt. Mine eye will go right to that
beautiful handwork. I still see the moonlight glowing and casting colors
to beckon the arrival of fall. It is so wonderful to still be able to dance with you I love it ............
Miss Pinkie

Dee Light said...

Oh, how I love your lovely dress!! I have had such a fun time looking at everyones Ball Gowns (even though I didn't create on myself)!! Thanks for sharing yours.

Tinker said...

The wonderful thing about this virtual world, is you can always be virtually on time :)
Lovely, lovely gown - so glad you joined us at the ball!

KaReN EiLeeN said...

Loved my visit at Miss Maddies!! I hope you don't mind, I put you in my list of places to go. I will come by again and again.

Christine said...

oh,such a lovely gown, dear miss reminds me of a soft autumn sunset.
I do hope that you were able to at least be able to dance the Swallowtail Reel in your lovely gown.