Thursday, September 6, 2007

Best Wishes

When I told the lovelies that they had been invited to a special celebration they could hardly contain themselves!

The dollies have gathered together, with banner held high to send their wishes to their creator. The lady that wove her magic and gave them a beginning.

So from all of us here to you our dear friend Christe', Happy 20th Anniversary.

Sincerely (L to R), Wintra, Susannah, Charlotte, Patience, Cordelia, Temperance, Mina, and Emma.


Donna O'Brien said...

Bravo to Christine! Her dolls are the cream off the top!!

carole said...

What a super Hostess you are!!!
Christine is a doll artist extraordinaire and the ladies are lovely underneath the banner.
How thoughtful!!!

Katie said...

Well oh my goodness! How much fun! They all look so lovely - You've given me an idea - hehe.

Stacey said...

Her heart shows in all of the dolls that she gives life to. Thank you for sharing everyone together and letting us see them celebrating Christine~

Colleen said...

Wow...are these all yours? How fortunate you are. I have one of her dolls and I cherish it. What an amazing artist she is and it is so sweet of you to celebrate her.

Miss Maddie's said...

Yes dear Colleen they are all mine.I have been addicted to Christie's dollies for quite some time.They rest on a little table just outside my bedroom door.Everyday when I awake as I pass by them they greet me with their oh so delicate smiles.They assure me that no matter what lies in the day ahead their presence takes me to a time of innocence and tranquillity.These sweet dollies let me know that I am home!

Christine said...

oh, dear Susan~

this is so very thoughtful of you and so very lovely,dear Susan.
Thank you.

To see all the glad little laydes together and to know that their presence insures that all is well within the walls of your home and especially your heart... thank you from the bottom of my heart...