Friday, September 21, 2007

Airing One's Frustration

I get so frustrated when...

The jeans I tried on two days earlier at the store fit perfectly. As I'm getting dressed now to go out...not so fitting. That clerk must have changed them to a size smaller when she rang up the sale.

I'm rushing out the door, enough bags and totes in hand to take everything I NEED on a day's outing, get to the car and realize I still have my slippers on.

The seam on the bottom of the bag of dry cat food comes apart just as I'm pouring from the top. And to add insult to injury it's 5:30 am and I'm standing in the semi-dark surrounded by cats and kibble.

As in most situations you've learned to take it all in stride and once the moment has passed you even get a giggle out of the mishap.

What frustrates you?

Now I'm complaining. Could you imagine trying to swim in those outfits.
Absolute frustration!


Dorian Fletcher said...

The annoyances are myriad, dear Susan! Always quite insignificant, but always at a time when you least want to deal with them. You certainly put it in perspective w/the picture of the bathers. Can you imagine? I found my grandmother's original bathing suit in a trunk after she died - wool, scratchy and w/long legs! Yuck! (Btw, it was quite moth-eaten and had to be discarded, but I do have a picture of her in it.)

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello, Miss Maddie
I know exactly what your talking about. With me it my children trying to get ready to go somewhere. I have to keep focus and say and this to shall pass. I tell you though. I love you old card with the lady sun bathers. I too have often wondered how they swam in those things!.Well now anything goes. Maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle. Probably too late now though. Enjoyed your post and I
took a peak at your linens love them. I am a hoarder when it comes to fabric, linens and laces, crochet and tatting. My grandmother
tatted and tried to teach me. It is not so easy. I am amazed by hand work and have a true appreciation for it beauty.

Donna O'Brien said...

I know! How DID they swim in those things?? My swimsuit days passed a few years ago so I'm liking the ones you posted. Do you have any for sale? They don't need a special story to go with them, I'll just take what you have.
See you at the beach. Wait...what? They're not in style anymore?? That's annoying.

Sheila said...

I'm not that really...but I recall my dad's woollen bathing suit. Mine was shirred into little gathers with elastic, that made me itch ..!
Frustration..not much bothers me, but I do hate it when people are late. I have a big thing about being punctual..!

Katie said...

I get frustrated when I set the table pretty for breakfast (this morning) with a fresh linen tablecloth and pretty flowers, and the kids come running to the table, knocking it and dumping orange juice all over the whole thing. The other thing lately has been the dog getting into the chicken matter what I do to keep her out, she figures a way around it! Thanks for the opportunity to vent that frustration!!

carole said...

Hi Susan:
You have a way of saying things that makes it okay to feel frustration.
I am going to have to look and see if I have any photos of relative in their beach attire. My Mom is 99 and was quite the fashion plate when youthful : )
Take care

Suzanne said...

Frustrations?? Hmmmm, I used to be a bit of a perfectionist, but then I had children! My tolerance and frustration level has grown, meaning it takes more than it used to to frustrate me.....except when I've just cleaned the floors and the family (dog included) tracks mud across them!

oldflowers4me said...

ok, ok, take deep breaths- sit down and make a pot of jasmine tea, its so yummy- now im just asking where your slippers magic ones, now put your best lipstick on and sip your tea, do you feel better. la la la love jo anderson...

Laurie said...

Lol! Sounds like they day I had yesterday. How dreadful to swim in all that fabric. It's a wonder everyone didn't drown with all the weight of the wet fabric! I hope your day gets better!


Stacey said...

When we have full days and much to be done, these things frustrate us and slow us down... for what? Makes me wonder sometimes if those little things didn't happen, would we have been in the midst of some misfortune? In as much as I love the times of olde, I am thankful for some of our progressions...such as bathing suits!

Kat449 said...

Hi Miss Maddie,
Love your blog...enjoy your style in both writing & creating. When Im faced w/ dreadful frustrating days where were beyond anything "Calgon" can do, I stop the world, log on & read up on my old & in this case "new" friends entries & end up smiling, or looking for the depends to prevent a bladder clean up, or I feel new inspiration & my day has turned around. Thanks for that. Scaredy Kat