Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Passion of the Doll

Over the years I have collected dolls. Growing up in the 50s and 60s I was witness to the evolution of Barbie. As a young girl I can remember a bubble cut red headed one I just adored.

When my great-grandfather passed away someone bought my great-grandmother Orphie a Thumbelina. She had always desired one but had never said so out of feeling silly to reveal such a secret to the man she had been married to for over sixty years. Well into her 80s she kept that passion until she passed away.

I know that many of you (male and female) had dolls in their childhoods that they fondly remember and in some cases still treasure. My brother (I hope he doesn't read this) had a Bunson Bernie Liddle Kiddle. He would race him around in a firetruck much to our amusement.

Now as an adult I still have that admiration for the doll. Of all the dollies in my care I would have to admit a special love for a large China dating from the 1860s. She was entrusted to me some years back by a sweet elderly lady that I had organized an auction for. Throughout the several weeks of sorting and wonderful conversations we discovered we had an ancestor by marriage in common.

After the auction was completed and she was preparing for her move into a seniors home she presented the doll to me.

This gift represents many things; a connection to the past, shared friendship and a passion for the doll.


Pinkie Denise said...

Oh, Miss Maddie
I would love a closer peek into that
dolly cupboard! I see Nicols sweet
dolls and a Queen Anne, oh I love dolls too, I guess you know that.....
Thanks for sharing and making my day!
Such sweet things of beauty, just like their keeper.....Pinkie Denise

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful treasure to be entrusted in your loving care. Thanks for sharing Susan.

Christine LeFever said...

She is so very beautiful.


nicol sayre said...

I do love your China Miss! I am rather partial to them myself, you know. Methinks you do need a new doll from me...that's an oldie! xo N

rochambeau said...

What a beautiful doll that holds not only a beautiful memory, but she knows a thing or two!! Hope she's telling stories to all the others and making them smile.
Happy Weekend Miss Maddie!!

Lana said...

She's a lovely old doll Susan.
Thank you for such nice comments about my valentines!

Dorian Fletcher said...

Your entry inspired me to do one of my own on dolls. I am definitely "passionate" about them! The old ones could tell so many stories. I'm particularly fond of the quirky characters - not so much the beauties. Thank you Susan.

Doreen said...

She's lovely Miss Maddie. I know exactly what you mean about treasuring favorite dolls. I did so treasure Mrs. Beasley. She and Tiny Baby Tender Love were my constants as a child.

Thank you for sharing.


Sandra Evertson said...

What a wonderful post, and a very special doll indeed!
Sandra Evertson

Sherry said...

What a beautiful doll and she's in pristine condition. How honoured you must have been to receive her! I have always had an affection for dolls...and I had 2 boys who showed no interest in anything other than "action figures"! Perhaps someday I shall have granddaughters!! :)

Donna O'Brien said...

Now THAT is a treasure.
I had Liddle Kiddles and a Suzy Cute (even trolls). They all bring back great memories- thanks for the nudge :)

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Miss Maddie..I too grew up in the Barbie age, but I love the older dolls.. The ones who've been loved so hard they are a bit tattered..

Your china doll is LOVELY and she is
definitely in good hands.

fondly, deena

Flea Market Queen said...

She is beautiful...
I was never really attached to my dolls, but now as an adult I find myself drawn to them!
Especially the very old ones...
Love yours, Enjoy!

rochambeau said...

Dropping back by to pay my respects to you and the girls (dolls). ;-)

Jo James said...

What a treasure! Thank you for sharing her with us.

Michelle said...

I just adore all those dolls that you have in the photos....The china is a true treasure! One of my favorite styles of antique dolls along with the pre greiner glass eyed papier maches' ....

Thanks so much for sharing!