Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tokens of Love

I think of thee when soft and wide
The evening spreads her robes of light.
And like a young and timid bride
Sits blushing in the arms of night.
And when the moon's sweet crescent springs
It's light o'er heaven's deep waveless sea,
And stars are forth like blessed things,
I think of thee! I think of thee!

* Verse from the 1890's paper lace Valentine pictured below.

Happy Valentine's Day! May you celebrate with those you hold close in your heart.

* Photos - Vintage Valentines from my personal collection, cherub dressing table clock, early French ormolu locket casket.


Lori said...

those valentines are gorgeous and that is a lovely vignette you put together:)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Happy Valentine's Day back to you!

Sherry said...

Happy Hearts Day to you too Susan!
This lace Valentine is incredibly delicate and beautiful -- and in wonderful condition. I love the verse -- people knew how to "speak" then unlike now with so much slang and "snappy" verse!

Donna O'Brien said...

Very pretty Susan, especially the locket casket. I think of thee and I covet thy collection!!

Pinkie Denise said...

Happy Valentines Day Susan,
Love all your old Valentines and the
lovely verse.....Such pretties you share Pinkie Denise

Dorian Fletcher said...

Happy Heart's Day, Susan!

rochambeau said...

Dear Miss Maddie,
Beautiful photo of your sweet Valentines' and treasures. Heartfelt words too!

Happy Valentine's Day Friend. You bring joy to my life!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful cards and sentiments Susan! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Edgar and Edgar said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!!


Sea Angels said...

Hello Susan
What an eloquent expression of love, beautiful. May you be blessed with love and happyness on this wonderful day.
Hugs Lynn xx

Lea said...

Happy Valentines Day sweet, sweet Miss Maddie!!!

Spring Flowers to you and all that you love...

Always yours... Lea XOXO

Doreen said...

A Joyous day to you!


Sharon & Rodger, American Harvest said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Susan. I adore your vintage Valentines. I have a few, but could use many more!!!!

Lana said...

A belated Happy Valentine's Day to you Susan! Thank you for the sweet sentiments you left for me on my blog. That last paper lace valentine is beautiful!

Miss Sandy said...

I just knew you would have something wonderful to share for Valentine's Day and you did not disappoint! Happy weekend!