Saturday, January 9, 2010

Under The Moonlight

The lure of the pink setting sun reflecting off the blanket of freshly, fallen snow entices one to tie up the skates and head for the frozen pond... skating in the solitude of the beauty that surrounds you under the moonlight.

All is quiet except for the subdued rhythm of the skate blade meeting the ice.
Almost sensual in nature it is a perfect way to spend a Winter's eve...

Except for the warm bread pudding awaiting your return.

* Painting - ' Evening Skaters ' Trisha Romance


Susan said...

I recently found your lovely blog. How did you get started with textiles?

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Susan...looks like we are sharing the same sky...all those beautiful colours!!! I have never seen a frozen pond but I should imagine it would be an awesome sight, especially with skaters on it...real movie scenes this conjures up!!!
The Man From Snowy of my all time favourite movies!!! Enjoy your Winter Wonderland as I am heading off to the beach today for a swim...Dzintra♥x

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

We lived in Eastern Oregon for many years... a place with snowy winters just like yours. I love your romantic picture of skaters on the pond. It brings back so many wonderful memories of bonfires on the edge of the pond and our three boys lacing up their skates. We always had hot chocolate afterward, and your bread pudding would go perfectly with that! ~Vicki

Pondside said...

I haven't skated since we moved to the coast, but remember well the sound of blade on ice in the silence of a winter night. I went to Carleton and skated from Parliament Hill to St Pat's campus many mornings, where I'd unlace my skates and change to boots for the shuttle between campuses. I wonder, do rinks still play music to skate by?

snoopydog said...

Such a beautiful sky. Our snow is slowly disappearing now and turning to very unattractive slush! Back to school tomorrow... I teach 7-8 year olds. Have a great week!Ros

Protege said...

What a beautiful sky, I love sunrises and sunsets...
Thank you so much for stopping by my place and leaving a kind comment,

Pomona said...

The bread pudding looks very heartwarming!

Pomona x

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a lovely image of skating on ice beneath the moonlight. At first the thought of snow made me shiver and think-why would anyone want to go outside in the cold? But then you followed with that mesmerizing image of the quietness and beauty that can be found in a simple activity like skating on a frozen pond in the peacefulness of night. Of course, my favorite part was the warm bread pudding that awaited:).



Heather said...

Oh, I can just imagine the treasure of skating outdoors in the twilight! How heavenly to have scenery to enjoy while you skate :)
happy new year to you!~

Sweet William Primitives said...

Good afternoon Susan~pond skating sounds so romantic! We haven't done that since we were first married (thirty years ago!)and lived on one of Michigan's small lakes. Wonderful memories...enjoy!
love your pictures too! (:

Julia said...

Oh, an evening lovely. I have not skated for years. Thanks for letting me do it by osmosis.

June said...

Hi Susan,
Your post brought back some sweet memories of skating on our pond when I was young. I can still hear the sounds you described and feel the ice cold on my rearend when I would fall...which I did a lot of.
Yum, the bread pudding looks delish.

Cottage Garden said...

Bread pudding is my favourite comfort food Susan - you have inspired me to make some for this evening!

I can hear the sound of the skate blade ... lovely comforting illustration too.

Jeanne x

Susan said...

Ebbas änglar said...

Hi Susan
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog =)

No, the cats doesn´t eat my flowers. But they keep pulling down the lamps in the windows..... =(

Hugs /Malin

Karen L R said...

Thanks for popping by my place!

Your post has reminded me of skating with my cousins on a river near their house. We would go on forever, then turn around and wind our way back home. My aunt always had hot chocolate and cookies waiting for us.


Suzanne said...

I believe I've ice skated once in my, I'm sure I'd be doing a lot of falling down! Perhaps I'd be happy to sit on the side and enjoy the pretty winter sky!

The bread pudding looks yummy!