Monday, April 12, 2010

Between The Stitches

It is an interesting concept, our realization that in order to save the environment we must begin to be more conservative... to reuse and recycle.

While this is a worthy cause we have only to look back at the mastering of frugality used by quilters in the past...

Today was a perfect cloudy sky and light breeze for the airing of the quilts.

I am amazed at the utilitarian ones sewn from scraps, harvested from clothing and pieced together for life anew. Each one a work of art and functional too.

Oh and this is my daughter's new puppy Kai. Though she lives thousands of miles away I'll be able to watch her progress through the modern gift of email.


Ines said...

Oh, I really felt in love with your beautiful blog- I hope, it´s ok, that I add you to my blogroll!

Is it possible, that you give me the code for the translator ? I wasn´t able to find it exactly this way! Thank you soooo much!

Have a wonderful Monday- Love Ines

Susan said...

Love your Kai a border collie puppy? She doesn't look too thrilled with having her picture taken!

Christine Crocker said...

what pretty old quilts.

I,too, marvel at the ingenuity in how these ladies pieced scraps from old dresses and shirts into stars and triangle borders.
These are really beautiful.
I'm especially happy to see that you have a wonderful sunny morning to air your lovelies,too.
C xo

Little Kai is a dolly.

Ines said...

Oh- me again :-)
I found the code- and I am really happy about it.

And I love Miss Maddie- I have a little dog girl called Ginger!

Love- Ines

Cottage Garden said...

Your quilts are wonderful Susan. They really are works of art and the reflection of a life lived too, surviving generations, passed down as heirlooms. It's interesting that in these cash-strapped times, the 'make do and mend' ethos is revived and thriving!

Kai is sweet - thousands of miles away though - a long way ...

Jeanne xx

snoopydog said...

Oh my word! Those quilts are glorious! So much can be made from so little, if one puts one's mind to it and a little bit of time. Kai is beautiful! Ros

Constance said...

Hi Susan,
The quilts are beautiful and spring time airing is always a time to look forward too. I learned to quilt when I was four years old and still love it and still marvel at the many beautiful patterns. I think every quilt holds a life story.

Take care,

Lori said...

Kai is adorable:) i love that face...your quilts are beautiful Susan...and i bet they smelled lovely after hanging in the fresh spring air...

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love quilts-nothing says home like a handmade quilt! As for your daughter's puppy he is adorable!

BTW, thanks for visiting the bathtub diaries. To answer your question-yes, every time I soak I am reminded that every minute of remodeling was worth it:)!



Pondside said...

Beautiful quilts! Each one looks so soft, with that silkiness that comes with age and wear.
Kai is a sweetie - Rosie the Cairn says 'hello' too.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Susan...Airing Of The Quilts, one of the loveliest things in Spring time!!! Beautiful Quilts...And don't we live in amazing times where you can actually keep up with family thousands of miles away...that still astounds me...Dzintra♥x

Julie said...

Hi Susan,
How BLESSED are you to have these most WONDERFUL quilts in your care. I love that each one is unique and each tells a story of the maker long ago, yet each was made with the same purpose in mind. To keep those they loved warm during the cold months.
I bet they would be thrilled to know that they are are cherished today.


Christine LeFever said...

Making something from scraps and found objects and bringing to life something beautiful as well as utilitarian is indeed the essence of tending lightly on this lovely earth. Those wee stitches of patience resonate a joy to the beholder as well as to the makers of the quilts.

Indeed, the magic of the Internet does great wonders for bringing us all closer to one another. Little puppy Kai is a darling, and you are a sweetheart for showing us so much beauty and serenity. Thank you!



Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Oh Susan, your quilts are gorgeous! How perfect to see them out in the light of day, enjoying their spring airing.

My mother inherited a number of precious quilts from my grandmother and aunt(following both of their passing last year). I will be fortunate enough to inherit half of them from her one day too. Having grown up with frugal parents and grandparents, I've been given the gift of the same from them... and even I have my "rag bag" full of fabric scraps eons back... much to the chagrin of my husband! lol One day I must re-learn and put to work all that my grandmother taught me.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Happy spring days to you~ xxVicki

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

... and I left one thing out... relearn what she taught me about making quilts. I was a tomboy and though I was taught how... did I really learn it? ;o)

Heather said...

oh, how i adore these old quilts! the look of them on the clothes line is just enchanting! I need to string mine up and air them out :)

Ines said...

Thank you so much for your visit - that makes me really happy!
I always answer the comments in my blog!
Greetings from Ginger to Patsy ;-9
Have a wonderful day- Ines

Renaissance said...

Gorgeous puppy and wonderful quilts. Those quilts really are recyclying at its best.

bad penny said...

those quilts are fabulous - I'm beginning think their story should be attatched to them.
What breed is Kai ? beautiful dog.

Julia said...

A cozy blog! I love the first quilt, my baby quilt is the Grama's flower garden. It is well loved and has been patched a couple times. It was never quilted, just tied, I think it would be in better shape had it been.

Menopausal musing said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment re Ernest! Having read your blog and seen what your job is, I am at present wondering about the legalities of changing his passport photo to mine, squeezing myself into a box and posting myself to you! ha! ha!