Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Blessed Place

As I travel across the countryside amongst the quaint little villages from auction site to appraisal appointment there is one presence that is constant among them... each has a blessed place.

Most are small in stature, built either of white clapboard, brick or stone... perhaps in the last century or early 1900's.

The colourful lead paned glass that adorns one or more windows is a tribute to a wealthy village merchant among the congregation or a prosperous harvest yielding donations....

Each has shared its tranquil surroundings to witness the baptism of babies, the union of a dedicated couple or the respectful farewell of those on their final journey...


June said...

I love old churches too Susan. I love going on drives around our state and seeing the steeples above the trees. The old ones are so quaint with their beautiful stained glass windows and bells in the tower.
These are beauties!
I loved the post on the sugar maple.
I am amazing by it's massiveness. I had no idea that they could grow so large. To have lived through all it has lived and to have and resisted disease and death, is a testament to it's strength.
I could almost see Miss Maddie's mouth watering as she dreams of the syrup that it has probably produced through it's years.
I hope all is well with you and that your Autumn has been glorious

victorian parlor II said...

How beautiful!!! I love old churches and these are so quaint and lovely:).



Constance said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you for the visit, I love old churches and unfortunately like many of our older structures here in NC they are rapidly disappearing. It is a pleasure to see these lovely, peaceful churches.

Take Care,

Cottage Garden said...

I love old churches from the majesty of Cathedrals to the tiniest chapel. These are wonderful buildings Susan. I wonder if the same thing happens in Canada of churches falling into gradual disuse and then being bought and renovated as homes. Many Methodist churches are transformed in this way in the UK.


Pondside said...

The Ontario landscape is blessed with so many pretty old churches and churchyards. I miss that. The church was the first thing that settlers built once they were sure of a house and harvest. I'd love to be taken along on your ride to an auction or appraisal!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Susan, I love the smaller old churches. Love thinking of all the people who have celebrated and mourned there, who have come to be lifted up, come to be encouraged, come to praise with joy. Thanks for these beautiful photos.

Sea Angels said...

I just love the Clapper board church, but yes they are all so serine, so beautiful and must have, like you say so many story's to tell, so many things seen and never forgotten floating on the dust motes. I wonder how many pictures of them are tucked away in draws or in faded old albums...
Love and hugs
Lynn xxx

Julia said...

I do love old churches! Something hallowed and comforting about them. The lives shaped there, joys and sorrows, does something to my heart. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

snoopydog said...

Great post! There is certainly something very stabilising about the regularity of church buildings, as one travels around. I love coming across in them in picturesque little villages , here in the UK. Hope you've had a good week. Ros

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello Susan on this glorious day Down Under!!! I absolutely love old churches....the stories they tell and the many memories they evoke to the people who were blessed to have an occasion there...Love the new header...Happy Halloween to you...Dzintra♥x

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hi Susan,so glad you visited.

How lovely are your photographs of village churches and such thoughtful words. They are the gathering places yet slowly they are falling into disuse in some places in the U.K. The small village schools are mostly gone too replaced with sprawling concrete buildings. It's such a shame I think we need to preserve our old buildings. As you say they hold so many life-moments for generations for families.

ps.I really like your new blog-header, ooooh the photograph of the the wonderful wool/yarn shop or store looks inviting!

Jane x

Penelope's Beehive said...

Lovely photographs Susan! I have always found such beauty in small churches...the quiet, the simplicity, the peace. One can almost hear the many prayers and blessings, both past and present. Thank you most kindly for sharing your journey about the countryside.

Wishing you a splendid day...Judy

Naturegirl said...

I have recently relocated to a country setting tucked in among the Oaks so I see many quaint blessed places as I travel the quiet roads.I enjoyed reading about Comfort Maple...I left one behind a 250 yr. old who I hugged regularly..I miss not seeing her in my new world.
Your blog will allow me to revisit
the Niagara escarpement something I glanced at each time I drove the QEW..however it was time to get away from the city traffic.
Have a wonderful weekend and if you have time come by and view my calm world of woodlands..and BTW I saw many antique shops that you would love!

imaginationlane said...

These are wonderful..I do so love churches, and keep an eye out for them on our long Sunday drives. I must admit to a fondess for cemeteries too..so sad and sweet to see the tributes posted to loved ones long gone.

This is a charming post with your great photos and thoughtful observations...:)