Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Morning After

I had a wonderful time last evening at the Bloglandia Halloween Ball and I think I'm ready for bed. But for some strange reason I can't explain, this crown won't come off my head!

Thank you so much for all who dropped by and a special salute to the dynamic trio.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Miss Maddie,

You look lovely with your crown, it's because you are royal, that's why it's stuck on your head!

Thanks so much for visiting my 100th post give away, I added your sweet name to the drawing!

now, go get some well deserved rest!

Sherry said...

It was a fun evening at that!! After the ball was over, Miss Maddie was stuck in clover...I'm sorry your beautiful hat wouldn't come off!!! Hope you have better luck today!! :)

rochambeau said...

Dear Miss Maddie,
You look super divine in your lounge ensemble! You're a fun one, yes.
and a silly one too!.
I get it!


Dorian Fletcher said...

I don't know about you, Susan - I am exhausted!
Great party!

Jo Anne Owens said...

Sorry to have missed you on took a long time to get through to everyone! Hope you had a great time!

Sea Angels said...

Hi Miss Maddie, just loved your last couple of articles, you have such original and quirky ideas (big smile) you brighten up my world.
Hope your Moms feeling better

Lynn xx

Ps I could do with a crown like that for my weekly shop......

Lea said...

The crown won't come off because you really are a queen! Thank you so for the welcome home... I missed everyone as well and the Halloween bash! But I had indeed a good time away and I learned a secret that I will share down the road about those calories... I have to go now and look for some chocolate croissants...

Christine L said...

I do believe I saw you at the ball, and I'm certain that Donna (The Ribboned Crown, of course) could assist you with crown removal. We had a marvelous time, did we not? Ms Evertson certainly took all the honors, but then she is always scintillating.

The best of luck to you in your quest!


CCs Whimsies said...

Crowns, parties, and fun...Definitely sounds like I missed something fantastic... Thank you Miss Maddie for stopping by my Whimsie blog and sweet compliments about my Santa. I love twinkle and sparkle, and I know American Harvest had both yesterday. Have a divine week! Christy