Friday, December 7, 2007

Follow Your Heart

Have you ever come to a time in your life where two paths lie before you? The one you have traveled is steadfast, predictable, and comfortable. The other that beckons is new, not yet stable but enticing. You spend days, weeks, maybe months deciding to stay the course or travel on in a new direction, to experience opportunity both challenging and rewarding. You call on all your years of wisdom to decide and finally follow your heart.

I am often asked how I became a vintage textile appraiser. It was an easy decision that came to me one day when I was admiring an antique quilt. Even though it was more than 100 years old its colors were still vibrant. Each little piece represented a scrap saved from a garment that had long out lived its purpose. Upon closer examination I could see and touch the tiny perfect stitches that lovingly passed through the cloth. In one corner a set of initials had been embroidered. And then it happened; I wondered who was this woman from years ago that had placed these tidbits of her life so intricately together to provide warmth and beauty to herself, a friend or her children?

Today I am sharing one of these quilts, which is perfect for this festive season. The pattern name varies from the area in which the quilt maker lived. This one is from Massachusetts in the 1880s and is called 'the Whig Rose'. I fondly refer to it as the 'Nellie Quilt'. (Those of you that have followed my earlier posts are quite familiar with Nellie).

I'd also like to send my best wishes to Carole (Scoundrels And Rogues) who is pulling up stakes, packing her most beloved treasures and following her heart!


Pinkie Denise said...

Miss Maddie,
I so enjoyed your post today, as I read the words I feel so connected to you, your likes and passion are so
similar to my own, its like your saying my feelings. I am love quilts,
when my children were born I made one
a quilt,and hand quilted them. When I
pick up a piece of hand work, linen,
embroidered, crocheted, tatted , sewn
or quilted, it speaks to me .......
My husbands father would help his mother make quilts as a child, I have one of the tattered pieces. Some stories I do not know, but they make up someone life so amazing. Your appliqued rose quilt is so very beautiful.....Thank you
for sharing and making my day Susan

Lea said...

Hello my dear Miss Maddie...Thank you so for letting us know about Ms. Carole and her new adventures...

This quilt is so beautiful. And the metaphor of the road less traveled... I think of all those stitches and how they represent so many different paths and lives and passion. I think of the woman, or women who made it, wonder about their conversations... Thank you so!

Lana said...

Lovely thoughts today Susan. I always enjoy visiting your beautiful blog!

Miss Sandy said...

My heart thumped when I read this post! I am finding myself at that place in life where I may have to choose to embrace change or stay put, you have given me much to think about. Thank You.
Miss Sandy

Sherry said...

I have come to that fork in the road a few times now Susan. It never gets "easier" but I don't feel quite as lost when it happens. I'm walking on the median at the moment and know that I am about to step off and see where this part of the road takes me next.

Stacey said...

Dearest Miss Maddie~

How often this situation wraps around us all! I tend to be a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda we know where I go when the road forks! Smiles. What is the worst that can happen? Dust off your fanny and try again!

I will be at Valley Forge , but at Barbara's Heritage show at the Sheridan. Netty won't be along this year as she hasn't been feeling too well.If you need any of the details, just let me know~ if you happen by, I'd love to meet you!

Stacey with the dusty bottom