Friday, December 14, 2007


I love this time of year. This morning we were treated to 5 inches of new snow. Fluffy, billowing flakes that draped the branches of the balsam fir in a sparkling holiday wardrobe. The mourning doves land upon it sending a gentle cascade of glistening ice crystals to the blanket beneath. The air smells fresh and renewed.

I also enjoy the extra letters and parcels that arrive in the post. Christmas cards from friends and family from near and far. And the parcels; some ordered and others a surprise.

A particular one I was waiting for arrived yesterday. The contents were not unknown, but as I pulled back the tissue that gently cradled it within the protective box I was pleasantly taken aback. The artist had manipulated the crepe paper that framed the lady within to appear like silk ribbon. And the colors; earthy brown and deep dark crimson red. (The shades of a rich chocolate raspberry soufflé.) The angelic lady figure placed so perfectly to accommodate her beautiful wings.

This was the first piece I had been able to purchase from Katie Estvold at Sparrow's Cottage. (Usually everything has been sold before I get to request one.) I have given her a special place to hang from the knob of my petite cabinet where I may indulge in her beauty often.

I'd also like to take a moment and send my wishes of hope to those in the US Midwest that have been effected by that massive ice storm earlier this week. It has left many in the dark and cold. Have faith, those tireless hydro crews are working non-stop.

May you enjoy your weekend as the countdown begins for this is the first day of Christmas. I hope your true love remembers!


Suzanne said...

Thank you Susan for checking, we weren't affected by the freezes in the Midwest or by the floods in the NW, just sitting peacefully in the middle, with our own light dusting of snow.
Looks as if you have a "winter wonderland" in your yard! It's beautiful! Merry Christmas wishes to you, do stay warm.

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Miss Maddie,
Your tree laden with new fallen snow
is so beautiful. I love your picture you received in the mail, wow it is
so wonderful, hope you have a lovely
and cozy weekend, try and stay warm.
Pinkie Denise

Sherry said...

Lovely to be indoors after a snowfall like that Susan...and I couldn't agree of my favourite things about this season is a full mailbox..especially in these days of e-mail. I've loved this since I was a child. Your new piece of art is absolutely beautiful!!

rochambeau said...

Dear Miss Maddie,
If the doves come to sit on your snow crested tree they know you are a special person!!

Your new piece of art is beautiful. Where will you hang it?

Thank you for being you, you are such a considerate person! Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

CARole said...

Hello Susan. Your description of the doves landing on your tree, puts such a lovely picture in my mind's eye.
My house is filled with the aroma of gingerbread men and buttery cutout cookies. My granddaughter and daughter in law just left. We had a lovely time together, baking cookies and catching up, it's become a tradition, and one that I enjoy so much. Yes, it is such a lovely time of the year.
Have a wonderful Christmas, dear Susan.

Dorian Fletcher said...

Glad you're safe and sound, Susan. I see the reports of all the storms in the Midwest on on the East coast with alarm for folks living there. Your Balsam fir looks so lovely - we do not get snow in Central California (except on very rare occasions) - mostly the dreaded tule fog. Those gray days are our version of Christmas weather...time for a warm drink, lap robe and good book.

BumbleVee said...

Oh, lucky you..... do the mourning doves stay all winter there? Ours are nowhere to be found here now. We won't see them til spring.

Tx for stopping by my blog.... it gives me a new one to visit as well... this is beginning to be quite a foot race each morning... checking on about 40 blogs now! LOL .....

But such fun! and tons of info, tutorials, advice and inspiration....

we have hardly any is a balmy -2C today and no snow in the forecast....last two winters here in Calgary have actually been pretty mild and not nearly as much snow to shovel as my first few years here... back in '86....... the times they are a'changin' ... weather-wise anyway....

Christine LeFever said...

The snowfall is beautiful and your picture captures it perfectly.

Katie's art, as always, is beautiful.


Laurie said...

Sounds lovely! I love fresh snow too.


She Who Flies said...

Thank you for your lovely visit to Celestine Musings. I'm now enjoying exploring your corner of blogland :-) We're not experiencing snow here but the cold and eastern wind surely remind me winter is here to stay. BBrrr... I'm glad this weather doesn't deter the mailman because, like you, I very much enjoy the abundance of colorful and heart-warming mail that graces the festive season. Blessings,

Lea said...

Oh Miss Maddie... those chocolate browns and reds with the print are beautiful and so rich... Your snow sounds divine, makes for curling up by the fire, looking out the window to these scenes you describe. Thank you for the good wishes, and the same to you, enjoy this beauty and thank you, for the beauty you bring to all of us! XO

Sea Angels said...

Hello Susan, I am so glad you managed to buy one of Katies creations, I just managed to get one too, they are so lovely.
Thankyou for all the wonderful words you leave on my posts,you are inspiring and kind, and I wanted to say I so appreciate your visits, you always make me smile. I just love visiting you too, your beautiful photographs, and continual inspiration is uplifting. Have a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas, and may it be a White One .
Hugs Lynn xx