Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Autumn Memories

The summer is winding down and everyone is anticipating the arrival of autumn and Halloween.

Living in the northeast I'm able to indulge in the season's splendor; changing of the leaves, brisk morning air and an endless harvest of crisp apples and pears.

But when I was young (many harvest moons ago) after returning to a new year at school there was something else my sister and I looked forward to. Long before VHS, DVD and Tivo our television viewing was at the mercy of the networks. Every autumn like clockwork a station would feature 'The Wizard of Oz'.

Sis and I would sit enthralled watching every minute. We knew the songs by heart. It didn't matter how many times I'd seen it, when Dorothy opened that door after the house landed and everything changed to color I was mesmerized.

When Glenda the good witch (Donna O. can you make me a crown like that) floated down in the bubble and put those ruby slippers on Dorothy's feet, well I dreamt they were on me.

Even when the wicked witch melted away I was disappointed. Not because she was gone, oh no, this was the perfect movie for good versus evil, I just knew the end was close at hand.

And when Dorothy clicked her heels in those sparkly shoes and chanted "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no..." I'd have to wait another year 'til autumn arrived again.

Now where's that VHS tape?


Christine said...

oh me too, me too!!!!

Our showing was always in the spring. I remember all 5 of us children snuggled on the sofa, wearing new flannel jammies, a huge bowl of popcorn and being deliciously scared...
thanks so much for the memories.

carole said...

Susan: I use to hold my little sister's hand so she would not be so scared. Great memory unfolded on your post.
Delightful. Big bowl of popcorn, fresh made lemonade and caramels.
Thank you

Lea said...

There is no place like home... there is no place like home... just lovely Miss Maddie!

Katie said...

me, too!!! I always remember watching it, but it always seemed like it was just after winter time for us...I think now they've gone back to showing it in the fall time, too. The Wizard of Oz is one in which everyone can relate - on the most basic level or digging into it and finding some fantastic insights.
I was always enchanted by the Good Witch, and thought of her as somebody's mother, coming to help.
I love this memory - thank you!!

nicol sayre said...

Oh Susan
I love this memory! Watching it in thrilled anticipation with my sister and then later introducing it to my own children who were just as thrilled. oh and the music...!!

Dorian Fletcher said...

Greetings, Susan,

I think I must be brain dead! All this time I have been going to your website instead of your blog...well, what can I say?

Your blog is wonderful...I will have to come back when my eyes aren't so tired to peruse your older postings!

CCs Whimsies said...

The Wizard of Oz is a soft spot in so of our hearts. This makes my project that much sweeter...

Hi Miss Maddie! Thank you for stopping over to my blog. I will add you to my travels. You are delightful! Smiles! Christy

FrenchGardenHouse said...

oh, what a lovely memory! I loved watching this as a girl, and later when we moved back to the states, my children loved it! One of the best...and they totally got it right,
There is NO place like Home.
Thanks so much for these memories

M said...

A great point,for me, was "she had what she needed all along" . How many of us go through so much drama , looking and wanting what others have , when we have what we`re suppose to have, and truly need inside of us. Some of us do need good friends to help us bring it out. Thanks God for friends like that. In helping others like Dorothy did, we get answers to our own questions.Melanee

Donna O'Brien said...

My tummy still does a flip-flop just seeing the photos on your post. Susan, you are SO right.The Wizard of Oz really envokes such powerful memories. Back to school and popcorn popped in oil in a popcorn maker- no microwave!! My friend and I once recited the whole movie while swinging on a swingset.
I thank you for one of the best posts (Toto, too!)

BECKY said...

Season's Splender, lovely words to discribe the beauty of the season.
This is the season I watch The Wizard of oz, it scared me so when I was a kid. I watch still just to remember.
Your blog is surly a feel good blog.
Thank you,
Smiles to you.

Mrs. Sam said...

Hi there, a Niagra grape myself! I too am in love with Oz and won't ever rent it because the only way to see it is on the smallest tv in the house, in pj's with the whole family cozy on the couch.
Thanks for reminding me to watch for it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Maddie,

You are a star! Thanks for those great memories of snuggling up on the sofa with my parents and being enthralled and scared at the same time. Every time I watch The Wizard of Oz those childhood memories come flooding back and I'm there back on the sofa in an instant.

My sister bought a great print by an English artist Mark Kaiser who has painted both Lions Tigers and Bears and Follow the Yellow Brick Road.