Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Sisterhood

We have shared many things through this thin wire that connects us.

A passion for all things pink and glittery. A love for pieces from the past. Through glory and congratulations and even the passing of a child.

We are enticed by a calling from within our souls. Motherhood perhaps, artistic endeavors absolutely, but this yearning is even greater than those. It is for a love of life and the need to do good.

We are most content when we fulfill the wishes of others. Along the way we find wholeness and comfort for ourselves. We seek each other to share feelings, both triumphant and sad.

We are women and through this bond anything is possible!


Lea said...

Oh Miss Maddie... what a delight to find you and the beautiful things you bring to life here, not only with their beauty, but their stories... and your musings here... are so well said and taken to heart!

Donna O'Brien said...

Women have such an innate gift-to converse on so many levels. And we cultivate it all throughout our lives. What would we do without each other?? Without pink and glittery things. Without vintage papers? Thankfully, we'll never have to know! Thanks for such a nice post.

Deb said...

Beautiful post.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful, vintage treasures.

nicol sayre said...

Beautiful , dear Susan....
You do live in the world of secret gardens and fairy friendships and are learned in the kinship only few can share.

Lana said...

Your words are beautiful ~ as well as the photos they describe.


Lori said...

this is just a lovely post, the images, your words that ring so true...beautiful!