Sunday, August 26, 2007

To Cherish

Charlotte was a young French woman who accompanied her father, a high ranking officer in the navy, to America. Her maternal grandfather had sailed there to help defeat the British during the Revolution. He had returned to France with Rebecca, a beautiful American bride.

Esmée, Charlotte's mother had died several years earlier. Heartbroken, her father felt that America would be a promising place. Her grandmother's family had land there on which they could settle.

Just shy of seventeen, Charlotte was well schooled in all the feminine pursuits. She was fluent in English as well as French and a talented seamstress. Her dark haired beauty and all these tributes would allow her into the best of circles.

She brought beautiful gowns from Paris and shoes from Lyon. Most importantly Charlotte traveled with her mother's sewing casket. (This would enable her to sew wonderful dresses.)

As they sailed across the ocean, she dreamed of adventure in a young and mysterious country.

Even though the box is old and the silk lining delicate, you can still sense the importance the chest held for Charlotte. It was her connection to her past, and the promise for the future.

I shall cherish it always as she once did.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a most amazing treasure. This piece speaks volumes....thank you for sharing its story with us. This is what I love about antiques, they connect us with women of the past, and their hearts.
(not to mention that they are just gorgeous!)
Love this piece. Lidy

Dorian Fletcher said...

What a lovely story. I have long collected vintage sewing notions and have the same feelings about these items as Lidy. It started with my grandmother's button box and has grown many times over.
Thank you for sharing this sweet treasure.

Kimberlee Edgar said...

What a Beautiful Piece! I love the silk lining.


Lana said...

Dear Susan, I could visit here and read all day long. The sewing casket is a lovely piece.


Katie said...

I wonder what she thought about on her voyage...Did she really want to go to America? Was she scared of it's "untamed wildness"? Thank goodness she had something of her mother's to think on. Oh, I wonder, I wonder. What an exciting piece to own, Susan. You lucky duck.

Miss Maddie's said...

Shall we say that beneath those rustling skirts and dainty silke slippers lay a trace of abandonment that only the passion of an adventurous lieutenant could quell!
You see I am at an advantage, I know the story of Charlotte well; she was one of my ancestors. To be continued...

carole said...

Hi Susan:
Too just stroke the blue silk ling would be wonderful!
I await the continuation of your sweet Charlotte's life!
Thank you for sharing